The war that America must wage for its future

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  • America have done a lot of unnecessary and imperial wars since its creation. But if it wants to have a future, then there is an obligatory war and undoubtedly the most important in its history that it must necessarily lead.

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    L'Amérique, c'est beaucoup de guerres inutiles et impériales depuis sa création. Mais si elle veut avoir un futur, alors il y a une guerre obligatoire et sans doute la plus importante de son histoire qu'elle devra obligatoirement mener.

    Whether you talk to people in Appalachia, to Hasidic Jews in New York, whether you walk around Florida, whether you visit the ever-growing back-to-nature movement in Alaska, whether you go see the suffering of the Indians who are left to die slowly, whether you go to see one of the most beautiful American cities that is Detroit or whether you try to avoid the zombies in San Francisco or the snatch thieves in Los Angeles, you have a real pandemic that is infecting every corner of America from the most populated to the most isolated, from the richest to the poorest. The drug pandemic, fentanyl, meth, heroin, opiates, is ravaging America with an official estimate of 100,000 deaths per year.

    But like many things in a Western country which lives in a Sovietism 1000 times more delusional than those of the Soviets, the official statistics are 10 times lower than reality. Because an opiate overdose is considered as such when an opiate is involved. However, the majority of overdose deaths are people who poison themselves by accidentally taking fentanyl. You’re taking xanax, maybe it’s mixed with fentanyl, valium, the same thing, oxycotone, you guessed it. You’re a cool guy who wants to see spirits while smoking marijuana, how can you guarantee that your joint hasn’t been laced with fentanyl?

    All these drugs arrive through Mexico. China is the main supplier of the American drug pandemic. It does not supply the finished product, but the chemical components, because the Chinese chemical industry is very poorly regulated. The components arrive by boat, enter clandestinely into Mexico, are manufactured by thousands of equally clandestine laboratories and then pass across the border via a migratory flow which is clearly organized by American elites. Fentanyl contaminates at lightning speed because of its volatility. Drug dealers have died from overdoses just because they handled fentanyl without wearing gloves.

    “Normal” drugs are inaccessible because of Big Pharma where the prices of American drugs are 3.5 times higher than the average of other developed countries, but can reach 8 times compared to a country like Turkey. In these conditions and in a country where suffering and pain are obligatory bonuses, for any American wanting to work honestly, then he will have to obtain supplies on the black market which is cheaper. This involves potentially toxic drugs that arrive in the same flow as fentanyl. That is to say, when guys prefer to buy ibuprofen from dealers, then this gives an idea of the predation underway by Big Pharma.

    When a specialist, who regularly interviews and takes care of drug addicts, tells you that if we put all the effort into education, rehabilitation, and give them models to follow, then we might be able to save their grandchildren. Because given their current state, the majority of addicts are already dead. Even if we manage to get them to drop out, the after-effects of the drug don’t give them more than a few years. Their children are also screwed, because they come into the world in a completely destroyed environment.

    When a 24 year old girl tells you that her father raped her at 9 years old, then raped her sisters in front of her and that at 11 years old she carried his child, then you say to yourself that as a start in life, it’s pretty bad. At 13, she started marijuana, at 17, she moved on to meth and heroin and as a grown-up at 20, she moved on to Fentanyl which is 100 times more powerful than morphine. Currently, fentanyl is considered the most powerful drug in the world and is very profitable for dealers even though its price is 4 times higher than heroin. The latter costs around $30 per gram at wholesale prices while fentanyl costs $140 per gram.

    Except that 10 grams of fentanyl gives you as much impact as a kilo of heroin. In the first case, the dealer will pay 1400 dollars, in the second case, he will pay 30,000 dollars. A more than juicy profit. And as we see what going on in Appalachia, the American elite maintains this drug pandemic by buying social peace. As the largest clandestine welfare state in the world, the United States gives out checks everywhere. The slightest injury and you can benefit from a check. On average, you can have between 600 and 800 dollars per month if you suffer from illnesses and given the ferocity of American society and a predatory health system, then everyone suffers from something and therefore can benefit from help.

    A drug addict, who has $600 a month, can spend $10 a day on fentanyl and can spend the whole month doing drugs at public expense. The rest he can put in food and the zombification caused by fentanyl means that you don’t want to eat a healthy and balanced meal. And you have no rent since you live on the street. At the same time as a conspiracy, the American state also shows its impotence by constantly buying social peace by making a macabre bet, it will cost us a few billions for a few years and we hope that they will die afterwards and therefore, the problem will be resolved.

    And if the addict cannot receive federal aid, then he can use the fabulous Prop 47 law, an abomination which was passed in California, which is the quintessence of rot in the United States where crimes cease to be treated as crimes if their value does not exceed $950. You can walk into a store, steal pumps or luxury bags, but the employees can’t catch you otherwise they’ll be the ones fired.

    And the police, if they show up, won’t be able to do anything either and they won’t do anything since they know that the judge will release you straight away. Crimes that are not felonies under this Prop 47 are: certain forgery, commercial burglary, petty theft, bad check, grand theft, possession of stolen property, and possession of a controlled substance. The official pretext was to decongest the prisons, but when a problem gets out of control, then it is much easier to no longer consider it a problem and it disappears from the statistics as if by magic like we do with unemployment.

    The drug pandemic in the United States is not just the main problem, it is an existential crisis of the country that will cause tens of millions of deaths in the years to come, destroy entire generations and in the end, we will have a territory without faith or law and therefore, it will be the gangs and cartels who will control it. If America wants to have a future, then it must destroy the cartels in Mexico and it must destroy them in one fell swoop.

    And the Mexican cartels are not a few hundred members dealing down the street. The most powerful of the current cartels, the Sinaloa has members in 50 countries and has approximately 175,000 men from the cartel itself and we must also include the tens of thousands who revolve around it. There are 192 cartels in Mexico and between them they are the 5th largest employer in the country. Waging war against the cartels is the equivalent of waging war against an entire country.

    The destruction of the cartels will solve two major problems in the United States, it destroys the constant flow of drugs into American cities and it also decapitates mass immigration. The latter brings in between 12 to 17 billion dollars per year for the cartels since a migrant must pay between 6,000 to 15,000 dollars to cross the border and in 2022, there were two million migrants who made the magical passage. Securing the borders is not a solution, because with such money, the cartels have corrupted some of the Mexican and American elites. As sheriffs in states like Arizona say, the cartels’ biggest accomplices are in Washington DC.

    If an anti-system president is elected and he really wants to clean house, the war against the cartels must be his priority or America will not survive. External problems are anecdotal for the majority of Americans, he must clean up the country as a priority to avoid being hated. He will also have to destroy the GAFAMs which are also another form of cartel…

    Such a war against the cartels will require the full might of the U.S. military. The air force, the navy, the infantry, it will take between 700,000 to 800,000 men, or almost 65% of the entire American army which has 1.2 million men. It will be a long, dirty and bloody war. The cartels must be destroyed simultaneously to prevent rivals from taking the vacant place, the same goes for clandestine labs, as soon as one is destroyed, 10 others reappear the next day. The Afghan example is terrifying: the Taliban banned the farming of opium in 2022 by destroying 99% of the fields and a few months later, hundreds of meth labs appeared. We wonder who has the skills to run meth labs…

    And good luck for carpet bombing in Mexico like the US did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because the government of Mexico will defend itself, already because part of its elites would lose a lot if the cartels disappeared, but above all, invading Mexico given the historicity of the two countries is really not the thing to do when we is a power in decline and obviously, Russia or China would hasten to ruin this war in the event of unauthorized intervention by the sovereign country.

    Furthermore, the 19% of the American population who are Latino will raise hell on American soil. We can thank Obama and his henchmen who destroyed any hint of American identity with a communitarian identity. Americans of Mexican origin whose grandparents came to the United States consider themselves more Chicanos rather than Americans thanks to the communitarian policy launched massively by the Democrats.

    The only solution for a war against the cartels is cooperation with the Mexican government without forgetting an international coalition since these cancer cells extend throughout the northern hemisphere. And yet, it is a war that the United States will have to wage sooner or later, the destiny of their country depends on it. This war will be as important in their history as that of the Secession. The latter concerned independence, the war against the cartels will be that of the survival of the American nation.

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