With this upcoming change, Adsense will destroy small publishers

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  • By moving to income-on-impressions, Adsense will clearly destroy small publishers and the entire ecosystem of websites that power its search engine. But it no longer needs publishers and their content now that it has AI.

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    Unnoticed, but colossal in scope, Adsense will change publishers’ remuneration by focusing on impressions and abandoning that based on clicks. It is this click-based system that has been used by Adsense for the last 20 years. Obviously, the usual newspeak tells us that this will change nothing for publishers and when Google tells you something, you have to believe the opposite.

    Why will this decapitate small publishers? On the one hand because when you base your revenue per impression, then you can further lower the price of ads. In addition, publishers, who have small blogs or sites, exploiting niches, will no longer be profitable, because the few pennies they had came from clicks. It will be necessary to generate tens of thousands of views per month, with this change, to bring in a few euros per month.

    Either way, 2023 was the death of Adsense. Income has been divided by 10, personally, I went from 120 euros per month to less than 40 euros and it is constantly falling. In fact, I completely skipped Adsense from my routine. I no longer consult my stats, I create my content without thinking about Google or Adsense and I do other jobs on the side. Obviously, I had to delete a lot of my sites, which no longer brought me anything. Sponsorships are a strategy, but very erratic, you cannot have a regular income with them.

    It is clear that Adsense wants to focus on views, therefore ultra-mediocre content, produced on an assembly-line basis by AI. And above all, he wants to concentrate on YouTube where the slightest shitty video can bring in thousands of views. By thus decapitating the ecosystem that it itself built, by also decapitating the competitors when it started at the time, Google and Adsense signify the death of the web as we know it.

    For decades, it was the content and the publishers that prevented them from having an absolute monopoly on information and therefore, weaponized information. The arrival of AI allows Google to produce its own content and monetize it. The arrival of Google SGE (Search Generative Experience), a search engine powered entirely by AI where people no longer go to websites for information and therefore, no advertising revenue, has been launched worldwide. And obviously, this AI engine will only work on Chrome, further strengthening its monopoly.

    Furthermore, Google’s successive updates, whether to decapitate Google News publishers and for normal sites, which are simply trying to get by, complete Google’s domination. No more traffic, publishers leave Adsense in disgust and the problem is that as GAFAMs manage competition with napalm, there is no longer any alternative. Obviously, the weak-willed idiots will argue that we need to move on to donations, paid content, that kind of shit, but only 0.5% of sites, and even then I’m large, can use this monetization.

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