Leonardo AI: The Ultimate Image AI Tool?

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  • Leonardo AI is a newcomer in image AI, and its possibilities relegate Midjourney to prehistory.

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    Leonardo AI est un nouveau venu dans les IA d'image et ses possibilités sont telles qu'il relègue Midjourney à la préhistoire.

    We’re in the second month of this fabulous year 2023, and we already know that this year will be the year of AI, like the many to come. Even though everyone is excited about ChatGPT, the real innovations and disruptions are happening at the level of image AI. Most people talk about Midjourney, but Stable Diffusion’s open-source aspect means that it is now the most advanced project, leaving far behind all its competitors.

    And there are many startups and platforms that use Stable Diffusion to push the boundaries of what is possible. We’ve already talked about Playground AI and its 1,000 free images per day. We have RunDiffusion and its Stable Diffusion Cloud service for reasonable prices. But a new sheriff has just arrived with Leonardo AI, and he has brought out the big, but very big guns.

    Leonardo AI is a newcomer in image AI, and its possibilities relegate Midjourney to prehistory.

    For now, it offers early access, and you need to follow a few steps to sign up. Go to the official website and follow the instructions, especially regarding Discord. Wait 2 to 5 days because they are overwhelmed with requests, and you will have early access to test the platform. Note that given how powerful and insane it is, Leonardo AI will not be free, and we are waiting to see their pricing. But it can do almost anything.

    Generating images on Leonardo AI

    You have an image generation interface on Leonardo AI that is similar to Playground AI but much more advanced. Already, in terms of models, you have Stable Diffusion 1.5, 2.1, but also Civitai’s many exceptional models such as “Deliberate” or “DreamShaper”.

    Leonardo AI is a newcomer in image AI, and its possibilities relegate Midjourney to prehistory.

    This is something that Playground lacks, but that we can have on RunDiffusion, but by paying a few bucks. For now, Leonardo allows you to test its platform for free, and you can have insane images no matter what idea is in your head.

    Afterward, I will always rage against the Dark Mode that has become the norm and is a nightmare for the visually impaired like me, but otherwise, the interface is intuitive. And Leonardo AI also allows you to apply any pose you want using ControlNet’s possibilities, but in a very simple way.

    Train your own models on Leonardo AI!

    This is the great strength of Leonardo AI; it allows you to generate your own models. If in Stable Diffusion, you can do this with extensions like DreamBooth or Lora, it takes a crazy graphics card and juggling tons of settings. With Leonardo AI, training models is child’s play.

    You give your model a name, provide it with the reference images (the platform recommends 8 to 15 images), define the prompt associated with your model, and that’s it. You let the platform do the work, and it will send you an email when it is trained. The image below is my face that I trained with a model that took me 15 minutes flat!

    Leonardo AI is a newcomer in image AI, and its possibilities relegate Midjourney to prehistory.

    The Canvas of Leonardo AI, endless possibilities

    Leonardo AI doesn’t stop there, as it also offers a Canvas editor. Those familiar with InvokeAI will not get lost. Basically, you have a fairly huge empty Canvas, and you can build images little by little. You can do Inpainting, Outpainting, Image to Image, and the available models are Stable Diffusion 1.5 and 2.1.

    Leonardo AI is a newcomer in image AI, and its possibilities relegate Midjourney to prehistory.

    You can play with many resolutions to improve certain parts of the image with Inpainting, and the maximum resolution can go up to 1500 pixels, and we are talking here about the area that the AI will work on because the canvas itself is much larger.

    Leonardo AI is targeting professionals

    Whether it’s the developers’ speech or the audience they want to target with this platform with infinite possibilities, it’s clear that it’s for professionals. Video game publishers, communication agencies, people and businesses with money who are looking for an all-in-one platform that provides them with all the capabilities that AI can do in one place.

    But given the competition currently in this field with services launching every week, prices will have to be competitive. I was blown away by Leonardo AI in all areas and I hope it deserves all the success it can get. If you manage to get early access and honestly, it’s not complicated, have fun with it and you’ll throw Midjourney in the trash with a disgusted look.


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