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  • ChatPDF uses the power of AI so your PDFs now have the gift of speech. Simple, but clever idea !

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    ChatPDF utilise la puissance de l'IA pour que vos PDF aient désormais le don de la parole. Il fallait y penser.

    Have you ever dreamed of being able to chat with your PDF documents as if they were human? To ask them questions and get accurate and relevant answers? This is now possible thanks to ChatPDF, the new tool that uses artificial intelligence to turn your PDFs into chatbots.

    ChatPDF is a web application that analyzes the content of your PDF files to create a semantic index, then presents it to an artificial intelligence capable of generating text. Thus, you can interact with your PDFs through a simple and intuitive chat interface.

    ChatPDF can be used to quickly extract information from large PDF files, such as manuals, essays, legal contracts, books or reports. Just upload your PDF on ChatPDF’s website, then start chatting with it. You can ask it any question on the subject of the document, and it will answer you by quoting the relevant paragraphs from the PDF.

    ChatPDF uses the advanced technology of ChatGPT. ChatPDF is an innovative tool that offers a new way of reading and learning from PDF documents. It can be useful for students, researchers, professionals or anyone who wants to save time and enrich their knowledge.

    The only downside is that the free offer is far too limited in my opinion. Only 3 PDFs per day, 120 pages max per PDF and the size must not exceed 10 MB without forgetting that you are entitled to 50 questions per day. The paid offer is 5 dollars per month, you have 50 PDFs per day, they can be up to 2000 pages and size to 32 MB and you can ask 1000 questions per day.

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