Auto-GPT, beware of false hype

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  • Auto-GPT is an interesting proof of concept and shows the possibilities of AIs doing autonomous tasks. But beware of misleading marketing and false hype.

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    Auto-GPT est une preuve à l'appui intéressante et montre les possibilités des IA d'exécution. Mais attention au marketing mensonger et à la fausse hype.

    Auto-GPT, a Python script that functions as an autonomous AI agent, is one of the most popular projects on Github. Give it a task, and it will complete it entirely without any intervention on your part (if you put it in full auto mode). The only problem is that it requires access to GPT4 via API, access that is still very limited at the moment and only available to a select few.

    One can also use Auto-GPT with GPT 3.5, but that would be downright misleading marketing, as it would mostly just spin in circles, without yielding any meaningful results. To give it a try, one can use AgentGPT, a web implementation of Auto-GPT with a few free trials available, and the option of supplying your own API key (although that is never a good idea).

    Without access to GPT4, the only outcome of using Auto-GPT would be a substantial bill and no concrete achievements whatsoever. This is what happens when an idea is exploited by shitty marketers who merely regurgitate the hype without taking the time to test the tool themselves.

    Fundamentally, the examples of Auto-GPT’s practical applications can be counted on one amputated hand, as there are only a few that have been created since its inception. This is also a problem with propagandist Twitter bubbles where everyone jumps on a questionable bandwagon without understanding what it entails. Today, the installation of Auto-GPT has become a labyrinthine system with over 220 developers contributing to it, aimed particularly at experts.

    The concept, therefore, remains interesting. If you have access to GPT4, then give it a test run for a few minutes. But first, limit your usage on OpenAI and set a threshold warning, or else the bill could easily spiral out of control. And if you do not have access to GPT4, then avoid using Auto-GPT at all costs, as it is pointless in its current state.

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