Bing Chat est maintenant capable de produire des illustrations, une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui attire l’attention.

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    Microsoft’s Bing Tchad announced that they can now generate images making the platform even more appealing to its users. Although the feature is currently being rolled out, one can generate images by going to the pink chat conversation, and it should be in creative mode. However, this has not yet been activated. For now, users can still generate images through a direct link, but it must be in English. Once the deployment is completed, it will be possible to use prompts in French.

    The image generator is based on Dali, meaning that the generation of images is not yet the most advanced. Currently, it does not create as many options, but users who want to be creative can still access the platform by going to and using the preview option. Here, users can upload their account and test the image generator, which tends to produce Dali-style images. Although there are no additional options for downloading, the platform still delivers 1,024-pixel images, which is reasonably good.

    Microsoft announced that this new feature is built on GPT4 technology, which can describe images but cannot generate them. However, with Bing Tchad, they are now entering the realm of multimodal technology, where they can do everything. Additionally, this new tool also allows users to create what they call “stories.” With this option, users can enter news stories, which will then be presented in an aesthetically pleasing format, complete with pictures, videos, and infographics. The search function is now a much more multimedia-type, which is much more interactive and exciting.

    This new feature of the Bing Tchad platform opens up endless possibilities for its users. For now, generating images is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ways to enhance this platform, with one possible way being the acquisition of new technology. However, given that it is free, there is always the question of how long it will continue to be so, especially in light of potential competition from other platforms. Nonetheless, for the time being, this tool is incredibly useful and adds value to users who use the platform for generating images.

    Bing Tchad is a great tool for those seeking to improve their creativity, whether for business or personal purposes. Creating infographics, images, and stories in an interactive and fun way is incredibly engaging, and it can make a world of difference. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, one can only imagine the possibilities that Bing Tchad can offer in the future. Multimodal technology has opened up endless opportunities for expression and creativity, so it’s an exciting time for those interested in exploring Bing Tchad’s capabilities.

    In conclusion, Bing Tchad’s latest feature is a welcome addition to its already impressive platform. The ability to generate images, along with many other interactive multimedia options, makes Bing Tchad an excellent choice for anyone seeking a creative space. As this technology continues to develop, there’s no doubt that we’ll see many more exciting features come online. So, if you haven’t tried Bing Tchad yet, now is the perfect time to give it a try, and while you’re there, why not test the image generator and see what you can come up with?

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