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  • The campaign to demolish vaping related content would please the worst inquisitors.

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    For morons and debilitated, vaping would be a devilish tool to poison young people. Okay, when we’ve been masking kids for 2 years and giving them a forced jabjoke under the pretext of a flu, we should shut our mouths tight. On Youtube, vape channels are taking down one after the other, but violent, pornographic or outright scam content continues to be promoted by the platform.

    Vaping is censored on Facebook, the sale is prohibited, same thing on Instagram and on Twitter. No wonder American Puritanism is one of the cornerstones of GAFAMs. We are still talking about a company, like Google, which at one time considered that the photo of a girl, holding a garden hose, had a sexual connotation …

    But beyond Puritanism, it is the systematic corruption of white coats. To say that the FDA and CDC are corrupt is like saying Biden is completely senile, it’s obvious. And this white corruption affects all the media and GAFAMs, which censor for fear of legal action from associations and NGOs whose only goal in life is to receive subsidies to behave like parasites that they are.

    People who have never worked in their entire lives and who are maneuvering to destroy an entire industry, sacrificing millions of jobs, bursting into laughter and under the sole pretext that they are parents too stupid to educate their children. Kids are jerks, that’s their nature, teenagers are jerks, that’s their nature. I’d rather a youngster be stupid at 15 than at 40 and slip into a convertible car, leaving wife and kid in the doldrums. But that’s another subject.

    The UK, through the Royal College of Physicians, the most reputable medical organization in the West, believes that e-cigarettes should be massively promoted to quit smoking. And so, white-coated morons might say the Royal College of Physicians is nothing. No, my little moron, sit down and let me explain it to you calmly, because you’re too stupid, which is the Royal College of Physicians.

    The Royal College of Physicians was established in 1518, so this organization has been around for 5 fucking centuries providing medical advice in the UK. The United States was officially created in 1776. You see the difference, little moron, this organization existed 250 years before the creation of the United States at a time when on American soil, there were only redskins that were fighting with the conquistador. So, a little respect.

    Time is the sole judge of truth. When an organization has been able to survive over 500 years, that means what it tells you is not shit. The Royal College of Physicians is the first organization in the world to reveal the potential dangers of burnt tobacco. They have detailed records from the discovery of tobacco in 1500 to case reports by doctors in 1700 and 1800 of oral cancer among smokers.

    The United States, until in 1950, asked their doctors to promote smoking as a cool thing for health when the RCP revealed in a masterly paper that has become a gold standard that smoking increases the risk of cancer. American doctors, until 1970, continued to deny the harm of tobacco. And are they the ones we should take our word for? When the Royal College of Physicians, which was the first to warn about the dangers of tobacco in human history, now tells you that vaping should be recommended to smokers, then are we going to listen to Americans or British?

    This college was right before everyone else on tobacco and it has every reason to double its stake with vaping. England will become a tobacco-free country in a few years with vaping that will be massively promoted. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, under the rotten and corrupt influence of the United States will continue to ban and censor vaping and line the pockets of governments and Big Pharma who will be happy to sell them anti-cancer drugs that are useless anyway.

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