FCTC COP9: Meeting of the worst anti-vape idiots

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  • The FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) and COP9 meet in secret to tell us how vaping is going to kill us all. A carnival caricature where morons perform secret talks.

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    The FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) and COP9 meet in secret to tell us how vaping is going to kill us all. A carnival caricature where morons perform secret talks.

    The FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) is the WHO framework for tobacco control and the COP (Conference of Parties) is a meeting of different countries to discuss how we should control tobacco use. For 10 years, it has been known that electronic cigarettes can quit smoking, that they are far less toxic than fags and that millions of smokers have been able to quit smoking. It is therefore normal that for 10 years, the WHO has told us that electronic cigarettes do not work, that they are ultra-mega-toxic and that a smoker has never been able to stop smoking with this smoking.

    When we know that the FCTC is funded by Bloomberg, a notorious anti-vaping, Democratic oligarch and gravedigger of the slightest clever idea on Earth to fight smoking. But the fact that the UK is one of the main funders gives us some interesting situations. Usually the COP takes place in physics and for this year the pro-vape organizations had planned to go there to tell the WHO that they are morons of the worst kind and that they would sell their mothers, cut up in pieces to have grants.

    Seeing the blow coming, like plague rats, COP9 decided to meet virtually under the shitty pretext of Covid-19 and to ban all public presence at meetings. This means that we have morons, who have been vomiting on the vaping for 10 years, who will decide the fight against smoking on a global level. In addition, the conclusions of the discussions will not be published, so we will not know what they have been plotting behind our backs. We’re just going to have the political consequences of vaping bans, which will happen by surprise in countries that want to ban vaping because tobacco brings them too much money.

    But during this COP9, the organizers will no longer discuss “innovative tobacco products” and it is postponed to 2023. As you do not master “Language of corrupt”, this means that innovative tobacco products include vaping, heated tobacco and Snus. Snus, which made it possible to completely eradicate smoking in the Scandinavian countries. The purpose of these “talks” was to demonize vaping once again and launch e-cigarette bans around the world. Except that…

    A few days ago the UK made an announcement as important as the Magna Carta in its day. He announced that in the future the NHS, the UK’s main health body, would prescribe vaping devices and that it would be free for the most recalcitrant smokers. The process of this prescription vaping would take 18 to 24 months which strangely brings us to 2023 which is the year when the COP must rule on vaping.

    There are several explanations for this. Either the COP9, the FCTC and the WHO are pissing off their pants at the idea of ​​the UK drastically reducing its smoking through vaping as they ban it worldwide. Plus, since the brittons are one of the main funders of the FCTC, they could take that funding and therefore less money for the WHO pests.

    The second explanation is that the WHO waits until 2023 to ban vaping at the same time as the first medicalized vaping arrives in England in order to denigrate it and prevent other countries from following the path of royal vaping. Finally, this announcement of prescription vaping is being watched very closely by other countries who want to see if it really works or not and therefore, WHO risks losing the few particles of credibility it has left.

    During this moldy meeting, talk about COP9 around you. There are a lot of initiatives to counter this shit like the COPWatch or the sCOPe. The first is a site to counter the disinformation of COP9 while the second is Live Youtube which react live and give the right information on the vape.

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