Vaping: When the FDA bow down to Big Tobacco and the Democrats

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  • The systematic ban on e-liquids in the United States by the FDA shows that this organization, rotten entirely by corruption, shows a remarkable bow down in front of Big Tobacco and what can be considered the dregs of humanity with the Democrats.

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    Imagine a plague-stricken leper who is crawling through a city, begging for pennies with his face covered in pus, asking for divine forgiveness. It’s the FDA today lying all it can to Big Tobacco to please its masters who hold it on a pretty leash with the Democrats.

    The FDA has rejected all of the e-liquids that have been submitted to PMTA. Rather than explaining to you for hours what it is, I prefer to allege that it is a mountain of excrement that has been fucked up by prostitutes in white coats, parasites from father to son and who have never done anything. science or cared for only one person in their life. This Oxfordian definition is quite appropriate for all the staff of the FDA.

    Concretely, the FDA announced that it would automatically reject all flavored e-liquids if it is not proven that this aroma helps to quit smoking. My IQ dropped 100 points just for writing this sentence, so imagine what the IQs of the people who spawned this shit must be like. This is absolute absurdity in a filthy bureaucracy.

    You can’t prove that a specific aroma helps you quit smoking, because IT’S THE FUCKING SMOKER THAT DETERMINES THE RIGHT AROMA! If the smoker feels that a Hawaiian pizza e-liquid allows them to quit and another smoker jumps out the window just hearing the name of the aroma, then does the aroma help to quit smoking or that it leads to suicide?

    Concretely, the FDA has just officially banned all e-liquid flavors in the United States, but without officially pronouncing it. Because the stupid and nasty mark of prostitutes in white coats is their cowardice to avoid announcing a ban in plain sight. Because all flavors are automatically rejected by the FDA except those of mint and tobacco. Ahhh! As the other would say.

    And we know that there are only three products that are approved by PMTA, Blue, Juul and Vybe which are, admittedly, vaping products, but which are manufactured by Big Tobacco. As the vapes shops make all of their margins thanks to e-liquids, the ban of the latter beheads them like a woman in a miniskirt in this beautiful kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fundamentalism, fanaticism and fascism, we recognize them everywhere.

    So, they’ve had the skin of e-liquids, but who will be next? We can think that it will be the vaping itself in its entirety. Because you have other bitches who will soon come out of their abyss of mediocrity with the anti-vaping associations and NGOs. Neurotic parents who are too stupid to have children and who whine in front of the state because their little brats do shit, because they never had the slightest authority to be respected.

    The Juul, Vybe and others will spread like locusts all over the United States. And inevitably, there will be kids who can buy these things and we are still talking about 50 mg stuff, enough to get high for a few minutes if you haven’t been a certified smoker for 20 years. Dumb parent organizations are going to call on Congress to ban vaping altogether because their little brats risk becoming drug addicts when they have to go to Yale or Harvard to make the next generation of parasites and oligarchs.

    We can also add that Biden and Harris only have one shot at their disposal. One wonders if the old senile will still be alive at the end of his term, because when you need an IV every two hours to stand up, then it is no longer medicine, but necromancy.

    Biden is going to back off one way or another, because it was just petroleum jelly to introduce Kamala. The problem is, she has no chance of a second term, it’s just impossible. So the Democrats will do anything to push their crazy agendas before another blond-haired boy arrives. This means that they have no electoral expectations and therefore, they can go free. Trump was looking for a second term, which is why he played the status quo.

    Today’s Democrats have nothing more to lose and they have always functioned as a killer cult. Suicide is the end goal. If the Vybe, Juul and Blue are banned, Big Tobacco doesn’t care, he can still sell cigarettes that will never be banned in any country in the world. The cigarettes will enrich Big Tobacco, the cigarette taxes will enrich the American states because of the MSA and the anti-vaping associations will be able to bathe in the subsidies to “fight” against smoking, given by the government in question.

    The American vaping will go completely underground. Enough to obey shitty laws, Enough to hang your head. Vape must return, in all countries, to what it was originally. A decentralized movement, out of control from States. And if we’re called criminals, then we don’t give a fuck, because we’ll be free. If you obey, then get ready to bow down like the rest.


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