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  • You’ll never hear of Mullvad in the rotten reviews and comparisons, yet it’s one of the best VPNs in its approach.

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    Mullvad does not require an email address to create an account
    You generate a ticket with a number on its website
    And you pay your subscription using this ticket
    You can pay with most cryptocurrencies
    Which makes you almost untraceable
    The price is unique at 5 euros per month whether for 1 month, 12 months or 1200 months
    No recorded logs and regular external audits
    He use the latest VPN protocols
    He is available on most plateforms

    The same way casinos created a plethora of comparison and moldy sites to take advantage of affiliation, the VPN industry suffered the same shit. When people tell you that they spent hours testing this or that VPN, I can tell you that they just spent a few hours reading the description of the site and making a summary. I’ve been a copywriter for over 10 years now and have eaten VPN articles written, supposedly by experts, which then appeared on the “best VPN sites”.

    These best VPNs are mostly good for their wallet, as each sign-up earns them between $10 and $20. How to lie outright. Of all the VPNs I could tell that Mullvad seemed to me the most authentic, the least marketing. It offers a service that works. It is sure that it is not the fastest, but in terms of confidentiality, you can trust the Swedes.

    Another VPN that is quite impressive is OVPN. This one has decreasing prices and affiliation like all the others. But what is interesting is that he fought and won against rights holders. The latter searched the servers of this VPN to find the information of an alleged hacker and they found nothing. When a VPN prove his zero policy to an right holder, then you can trust him.

    OVPN is notoriously used by the administrators of Pirate Bay which further strengthens its credibility.

    In contrast, the VPNs promoted by influencers and marketer farts are bags of feces that have been mixed with vomit and mixed with a hundred rotting rat corpses.

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