Adsense will censor everything that moves wrong in 2024

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  • A small, very obscure update tells us that Adsense will disable ads on “sensitive events”. On the GAFAMS side, we are already preparing for the massive censorship that will fall on the 2024 elections.

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    Adsense sent a very nice and totally obscure little email to its publishers:

    A “sensitive event” is an unanticipated event or development that creates a significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high-quality, relevant information, as well as reduce insensitive or exploitative content in important, monetized features. During a sensitive event, we can take various measures to address these risks.

    As you have not done Newspeak and propaganda in a second language like me, I will translate for you:

    We will empty your wallet and put you in misery if you publish any information contrary to the dominant propaganda.

    Since the end of last year, Google and all GAFAMs have been preparing to massively censor 2024. Whether it’s the elections, the war in Ukraine, the genocide in Gaza, Europe’s eco-murderous agenda, in fact any information to the contrary. Even if Adsense no longer brings in anything and Google has not provided any relevant information for years.

    Many media outlets have moved to a paid or donation model without forgetting that information channels are much more diverse and out of reach of the tentacles of GAFAMs. But there is always a significant portion of hillbillies who eat and drink the dominant propaganda because it is in their interest.

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