Linus Tech Tips: A mountain of Bullshit as an answer!

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  • Linus Tech Tips response to the Gamers Nexus video can be summed up as: Stupidity in all splendor !!

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    La réponse de Linus Tech Tips à la vidéo de Gamers Nexus peut se résumer en : C'est vraiment du Chockbar de BZ !!

    Linus Tech Tips’ response to the Gamers Nexus video was like a gas can on a campfire next to a gas station. It was like: “Ouin! Ouin! He’s mean Steve! Ouin! Ouin!”. The answer was published only a few hours after a video of more than 40 minutes which showed the scams, errors and nonsense told by the various youtube channels over several months.

    The biggest mistakes were about cooling block by Billet Labs and the mouse whose “professional reviewer” had forgotten to remove the packaging… But there are mistakes in every LTT video over the past few months. When you have a benchmark that gives you 300% advantage between the first GPU and the second on a given game and the graph, even visually, shows that it’s crap, LTT hasn’t learned or understood anything.

    The response was a disaster to do damage control and like any corporate response, it reeked of shit with its emptiness, lack of meaning and obvious tendency to take people for jerks. The dumbest pearl comes from his answer about the cooling block that Linus Tech Tips knowingly destroyed when the company told him it wasn’t compatible with all graphics cards and he has it sold at auction without asking permission from Billet Labs. And Linus Tech Tips response was:

    “We did not sell it, but put it up for auction!”

    It’s as stupid as:

    “I didn’t rape that woman, Judge, it was involuntary sex education!”

    This is where we see the corporate, bureaucratic and bullshitish response of the group which must above all save its sponsors, because there, it has lost its credibility forever. And afterwards, LTT announces a break from its videos for a week in order to “fix the problems”. Well no, we do not solve this kind of production flow, laid with piss, in 7 days. It takes weeks to restructure everything and the solution is simple: Give teams more time. Because the different Linus Tech Tips Youtube channels produce at least 25 videos per week.

    Linus Tech Tips response to the Gamers Nexus video can be summed up as: Stupidity in all splendor !!

    For big releases, this goes up to 30 videos per week, not to mention Lives and Instagram and Tik Tok content. It’s untenable for any group. The main reason is that sponsors who are ripped off thousands of dollars for a commercial at the start of the video, swear by numbers. Behind the debacle of Linus Tech Tips is the whole model of content creation, only to make tons of views.

    In fact, the choice is simple, we can produce this content on the chain, but it does not have to be rigorous. You cannot mass-produce and guarantee that your data is reliable, because testing is inherently time-consuming. You have to do them several times to avoid errors and establish an average that holds up.

    Another stupidity from Linus Tech Tips was saying that Gamers Nexus should have contacted them first before posting the video before creating this type of drama. There again, a Bullshit reaction and corporate, which does not even understand what journalistic work is. And that’s what Steve from GN is saying is that if a company has a habit of doing shit, consciously, then you don’t have to warn them.

    Because if we had warned him, then LTT would have done everything to censor the video. It’s when you’re in court that you’re ready to make amends, not when you’re negotiating with the prosecutor behind the scenes. These are not occasional errors, but a way of working where we don’t give a damn about what we say, because we have our eyes glued to the stats.

    This case is welcome, because now that we have beaten the face of the biggest Tech reviewer, the others will talk less shit and it will clean up the whole sector.

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